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Posted 1 month ago.
"I was just wondering if you know whether when Chris is in London, he will let people take a photo with him? I was watching a video where a guys keeps telling people to hurry up with him, so they couldn't get a photo. But I watched another one where a girl is told to move away from Chris, because they're not allowed photos, but another girl is hugging him and they had 2 pictures together. Both from London) Id just love to have a picture with him, and I was wondering whether I'll be allowed :) xxx" by Anonymous

It’s hard to tell whether photos with Chris will be allowed or not because it varies each time. During the London bus ride event, individual photos generally weren’t allowed but there were group photos with Chris. At the HMV Angry Boys DVD signing, fans were allowed photos to begin with but as time went on and they realised how busy the event was, photos were generally not allowed. It’s not Chris’ fault because he doesn’t want to disappoint any of his fans but taking photos can be time consuming and security have to make the decision whether or not photos are allowed depending on how many people are there & how fast the queues are moving. Even when photos weren’t allowed, some fans managed to get a photo so it really depends. Hope it works out for you because photos are cool mementos but it’s worth going to just meet Chris without a photo with him because we all know how much of a legend he is. :) 

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+ Heads up UK! That means TOMORROW!
via Chris’s instagram

Heads up UK! That means TOMORROW!

via Chris’s instagram

"Hello. How do you make GIFs? Yours are a good quality and I was wondering how you make 'em :DD" by Anonymous

Recently, most of the GIFs on our Tumblr have been re-blogs, so someone else has made them. But thank you nonetheless! <3

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make them, and it is basically the way I make them :)

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The other theme of my dance solo is like, the turmoil of like, wanting to do modeling as well as my charity stuff - you know what I mean? So like, the anguish going on in my head about…you know “which do I choose???” And I just express that turmoil through dance.

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"Does Chris look up his name/characters/his shows in the tags? Because I've made a few GIFs and pictures and things, and I'd love for him to see them, but he doesn't follow me, and the only way he'd see them would be if he was looking in the tags :) xx" by Anonymous

Yes, he does and he reblogs from tags! Chris loves seeing fan creations on various social media sites including Tumblr so he checks them out on a regular basis. :)

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"Awh thank you for replying! I was not doubting his kind time to anyone at all! :) I was just curious incase I ever met him whether it would be okay if I asked for a photo! Thank you, again! I really wish I can meet him in London some time! x" by Anonymous

Aww ok, no problem at all! Chris loves the UK and is planning on returning to the UK this year but no plans have been made yet so as soon as we hear anything, we’ll pass it on! :)

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"Does Chris not like meeting fans/having photos with them? x" by Anonymous

What makes you think that? Chris has given up a lot of his time for fans at signings, screenings + Q&As, S.mouse concerts, the London bus tour etc. Fans also spot Chris out and about in various places and he usually does take photos with them so there are plenty of fan photos floating around. At large fan events, sometimes it’s not possible to take a photo with him due to time restrictions but I think it’s safe to say Chris enjoys meeting and chatting to his fans when he can. :)

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Episode 3 of Ja’mie: Private School Girl

"My life is so fucking random but it’s so fucking amazing right now!"

+ If looks could kill&#8230;

If looks could kill…

"What are those things that Chris knits, and why does he knit them? It's adorable! :)" by Anonymous

The pom poms? Not entirely sure lol.

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"You know in Ja'mie what is song is played when the girls are walking down the steps and are about to take a selfie?" by Anonymous

Do It Like That by Ricki Lee

Btw, a playlist of all the songs played in Ja’mie: Private School Girl can be found here. :)

"What happened on Facebook that caused chris to be mad?" by Anonymous

From time to time, a few people feel the need to say negative things about Chris & his shows. Those kind of people are only a very small minority and I’m sure Chris knows the overwhelming support he has so as real fans, we should all just keep up the positivity. :)

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Ja’mie King’s interview with Gay Times magazine (UK)